How do I complete a quiz and view results?

How do I complete a quiz and view results?

Taking a Quiz

Step 1: To begin taking the quiz, click the Attempt quiz button.

Please note the number of attempts will appear below the Attempt Quiz button.

If your quiz is interrupted, you can return to the quiz and click Continue the last attempt to resume your work, even if you lose your connection to Moodle, as long as the deadline for the quiz has not passed.

Step 2: Read and respond to all questions in the quiz. At the end of the quiz, you will click the Finish Attempt button. 

Step 3: When you have reached the end of a quiz, the Summary of attempt page will open.

This page lists the quiz questions and indicates which ones have been answered. To return to a question for review, or to complete an unanswered question, click the Return to Attempt.

Step 4: Once you have responded to all of the quiz questions and are ready to submit, click the Submit All and Finish button.

quiz summary of attempt, shows number of questions, status of questions answered, and submit all and finish button

Step 5: A pop-up box will then appear on your screen and you will be asked to confirm one last time that you are ready to submit your quiz. Again, click the Submit All and Finish button.

You will be brought to your submitted quiz and be able to view your submission details. At the top of your quiz, you will see the date your completed the quiz, time taken, marks and grade. 

When you are done viewing your submission, you can click the Finish review button to return to the main quiz page.

Quiz Navigation Block

When you are actively completing a quiz, the Quiz Navigation block will tell you three things:

  • A thick border represent the current question page you are on.
  • A half-greyed box represents the questions you have selected a response.
  • A white box (with not grey) represents a question that you have not responded to.

When you are reviewing and ready to submit your quiz, the quiz navigation block will tell you the following:

  • A correct answer is shown with the bottom half green with a white tick
  • A partially correct answer is shown with the bottom half orange with a white circle in it
  • A wrong answer is shown with the bottom half red

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