How to post in a discussion forum in Moodle

How to post in a discussion forum in Moodle

Depending on the requirements of the course of you are enrolled in, you may be asked to participate in an online discussion forum.

Online discussion forums can be used to get participants communicating and interacting. They can also be used for peer reviews and assessment of participant learning. Well-posed questions and active facilitation is at the heart of meaningful discussion forums.

Step One:  Locate the discussion you wish to join in the left hand course navigation, and click on it. The discussion assignment page will appear in the main window. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a highlighted link with the name of the discussion and the associated module. Click on this link.

Step Two: Click the Reply button below the discussion question in the lower-right corner to create and post your response to the discussion forum.

Step 3: After you click Reply a text box will open. Enter your response in the text box. Once you have completed the form, click the purple Post to forum button.

Your discussion post is then added to the discussion forum for other participants to read and respond to. 

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