How to upload a file as an assignment submission using an Android device

How to upload a file as an assignment submission using an Android device

For this demonstration, we are using the Google Chrome browser on an Samsung Galaxy tablet running Android v. 5.1.1 

Open your course and tap on Assignments in the left hand navigation. Choose the assignment you would like visit from the list. 

Then tap on Submit Assignment when you are ready to turn in your work.

Now you are in position to select the file you would like to submit to the assignment. Remember to only submit files that are listed as approved file types for the assignment (usually docx, pdf, .txt) . Tap on 
Choose File 

Do not attempt to submit an assignment via the comment box. This area is only intended for comments from student to teacher. No assignments here please!

Choose Documents 

Navigate to the document you would like to upload and tap on it to select. 

Notice that the name of the file now appears next to the Choose File button. This means that you're file has been loaded to the chooser and you can tap on Submit Assignment to submit the assignment to Canvas.

You will be returned to the assignment page and notice that the button has changed from Submit Assignment to Re-submit Assignment.
This means that your submission is now in the system, and if you would like to re-submit any revision (prior to the due date) you can do that by choosing the resubmit option and repeating the process from your first submission.

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